AB Absorbent Cotton Roll 100g


Features and applications

  1. AB Absorbent Cotton is hygienically clean, de-oiled and bleached cotton and is packed in different sizes.
  2. As absorbent cotton, when used, comes in direct contact with the human body. it is ensured that it should be of high quality and must satisfy the required pharmaceutical parameters.
  3. AB Absorbent cotton is used mainly for surgical operations and also for other sanitary purposes and to disinfect the wounds and bruises.
  4. AB Absorbent cotton is chemically harmless, inert and soft which gives maximum protection to skin without causing any kind of irritation to the skin where it is used.

Packing Size:


AB Absorbent Cotton, commonly known as surgical cotton is mainly used for medical purposes in hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries etc., as first-aid applications.  Because of its high fluid absorbency power and sterilization, it is universally used as an absorbent. The raw cotton is processed through series of steps which makes the Cotton hydro-phallic in character and renders it free from external Impurities. The Cotton wool, thus produced is considered to be fit for use in surgical dressings and Personal hygiene.


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